About Everfrost Guild Alliance

Welcome to the Everfrost Guild Alliance Website. The EGA is an alliance of small to mid size guilds who conduct regularly scheduled raids each week for the goal of obtaining raid level gear for our members, and of allowing members of smaller guilds the opportunity to attend raids normally only achievable by large raiding guilds.

Currently, the EGA is primarily made up of the guilds Ancient Covenant, Decimation, Rising Star, Fighting Dragons, The unknown Force, Tower of Hate, Champions of Norrath, Dragon Brood, Victis Honor, and Toy Soldiers. We are willing to consider other small guilds joining with us. If you are a guild leader and this interests you, feel free to contact Kreskin, Sneaky, or Snarl via in game mail.

To join the In-game chat type this command in your chat box:

Text channel:   /join guild_alliance

Check out this post for rapid raid help.

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